That Special Eyes …

September 11, 2008 at 3:02 pm | Posted in Umum, Untuk Renungan | 3 Comments

Thurs, 11 Sept 08 … 11 Ramadan 1429H

Do you know the relation between our two eyes?

They blink together

They move together

They cry together

They see things together

In fact, they sleep together


Now dear friends, interesting isn’t it ? What do you understand from the above rhyme ?  What can you make of it ? Tell me. Leave your comments. Thanks.

It was sent to me again by a dear friend of mine, Mr. Idris Mohamed from Penang.



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  1. Well Dr, in my point of view, it is pure symbol of friendship, a synchronization means the same ideology but unfortunately, they dont know each other, a cruel fact of for sincere team mates..

    But I dont think that it is happen among human, nowadays.. Even we know our mate, there is problems everywhere. People should go to the basic and learn back the way and importance of sincerity in a freindship relation.

    May Allah bless you, Salam

  2. Saya tak perasan plak sampai macam tu sekali perhubungan mata. Pergerakan 2 mata serentak dari 1 panduan arahan otak

  3. Kalau satu mata tu merah (sakit mata) mata lagi sebelah tu mesti akan sakit gak kalau x rawat.

    Yang bestnya, kalau mata sakit, x kacau pun anggota badan lain.

    Tapi kalau anggota badan lain yang sakit, pejam celik mata yang temankan.

    Just my 2 cents.

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